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Newz Had Been Submerged By The Eclipse Cartoon Tabloid

May 28th, 2016

Newz Had Been Submerged By The Eclipse Cartoon Tabloid

The Eclipse Cartoon tabloid announces the release of its Newz Submerged edition. Following unanticipated delays, due to climactic and atmospheric influences, our staff regrets having kept our readers waiting! It has been an enormous task keeping afloat due to up-welling and down-welling currents, whirlpools and other turbulence affecting production.

A torrential downpour has been reported at the editorial desk with letters to the editor insisting that global warming doesn’t exist and therefore could not possibly have interfered with the Eclipse staff not meeting deadline.

Our infamous tabloid invites you to become submerged in their this new edition, but cautions readers to wear proper attire while wading through this issue, published by Muleicorn Press, syndicated by Facticious Press Ink and distributed by our resident unicorn. We are revamping our savetheunicorn site, so it does not contain the current edition of our newspaper while under reconstruction. (Our...

The Yule Edition Of The Eclipse Newspaper

November 26th, 2015

The Yule Edition Of The Eclipse Newspaper

The Yule Edition of the Eclipse newspaper and cartoon tabloid is hot off the press. We invite you to view our Christmas greetings from each of the staff members, a gift to our subscribers and prescribers for your readership during our first year.

We will continue to provide on-the-spot real fake newz coverage, complete with action fotos throughout 2016 on a quarterly basis. Please feel free to visit both websites as well as

Merry Yule, you all and Happy Hollerdays!
The Eclipse Staff

Myth Is Real Edition Of The Eclipse Cartoon Tabloid

October 30th, 2015

Myth Is Real Edition Of The Eclipse Cartoon Tabloid

An new Eclipse newspaper edition, Myth is Real - has just hit the News Stand with action images captured by Foto Editor D Sperry. We encourage recipients of our Press Release to visit the new and archived images on our Fine Art America website. When visitors click on the artworks, visitor numbers increase so that artists may learn which images are the most popular.

Activity on our websites propels our staff forward to engage in additional investigative reporting that excites interest and stimulates humorous response.
We thank you for visiting the pages of our newspaper at where they are posted.

This official Press release comes to you from the offices of the Eclipse Newspaper, a novelty cartoon tabloid.

Unicorn Conspiracy Edition Hits The Newzstand

August 8th, 2015

Unicorn Conspiracy Edition Hits The Newzstand

We are pleased to announce the release of the Unicorn Conspiracy Edition, the 3rd version of our infamous cartoon tabloid, designed to entertain and inform readers with traditional humor and frivolous flap.

Our multicultural commentators, columnists, correspondents, critters and advertisers on staff will take readers on a imaginative journey illustrated by foto editor D. Sperry, syndicated by Facticious Press Ink©, published by Muleicorn Press and circulated by our resident unicorn.

Our publication is available on line at and is released on a quarterly basis, though there will be a total of 5 editions in 2015, veered toward kids of all ages.

Our product: a cartoon newz tabloid, marketing of artworks, ads, cartoons and excerpts from the pages of various Eclipse editions with these images available through at Fine Art

We invite you to peruse the pages of our Real Fake News™...

Press Release Anomalous Light Edition

May 12th, 2015

Press Release Anomalous Light Edition

Press Release: Anomalous Light Edition of the Eclipse Newzpaper
573-856-4005 or
Patterson, MO May 2015
Beaming up the News!
Real Fake News™ is our trademark, with our reliable spotty newz coverage serving as a parody of the traditional news media.
The Anomalous Light Edition flies us to another dimension, one of questionable sightings with no sound! The Eclipse staff is excited about the landing of the Ozark UFO and are awaiting responses from readers, prescribers and real newspapers across the country in regards to this phenomenon.
We are continuing to take liberties of imaginative proportions by including new live action fotos, on-the-spot newz coverage (as per usual) with contributing reporters, columnists, commentators, correspondents, advertisers, cartoons and more sensational investigative reporting, adding jokes to the mix - syndicated by Facticious...

Eclipse Cartoon Tabloid On Line

March 26th, 2015

Eclipse Cartoon Tabloid On Line

From: Dawn Sperry Allen
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2015 04:12:09 -0500
Conversation: Press Release: Eclipse Cartoon Newspaper on line
Subject: Press Release: Eclipse Cartoon Newspaper on line

Hello to my fellow artists, contacts, family, friends and news associates,

On behalf of the staff here at the Eclipse Newzpaper office, we are pleased to announce that our cartoon tabloid is now available on line. (See attached Press Release for more information.)

For those that might be interested in a diversion from the traditional information network and news media, we offer a genuine alternative press, complete with imaginative columnists, correspondents (in the darnedest spots), commentators, investigative reporters and advertisers that may take you to destinations less traveled.

With live action fotos and on-the-spot newz coverage, we veer our publication toward children of all ages and that could be YOU.